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April 28, 2016

‘Ground Alliance’ an Absolute Software to Manage your Business

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Managing a limo business is really hard in the absence of perfect Limo Software so Ground Alliance is a life savior for travel operators, especially who have a lot of the crew, but not enough of the output out of them. This software helps clients get a grip on their business. If you are wondering how software can manage your Limo business I bet you will be overwhelmed with the features of Ground Alliance, which are tailored for smooth running of the company, save your time and increasing your revenues.

Mobile Your Industry & Workforce

Limo Management Software mobile your employees and omit the need of managing heaps of files with perplexing data. By the means of an internet device Ground Alliance provides powerful features like SMS messaging, GPS tracking, Real time updates. Mobility of your industry provides 24X7 access of office from any corner of the world. Supreme features to reduce your stress: A Limo dispatching Software with drag and drop scheduling options makes your life much easy. Just drag the accurate information and drop without missing any part of it. Congregate even the last minute changes put forward by your customer in the reservation. We continuously work hard to bring new features and modify the existing ones.

Dominant Dispatching / Scheduling

To meet the immediate requirement of your customer one must have dominant features. Our Limo Software bestows Limo Corporation’s total control over their business. Clients would never forget service providers who are capable to assist them in an emergency type of situation. Ground Alliance features like Quick dispatch, Cloud Computing and Instant Messaging enable you to provide best transportation to customers. Limo Management Software is Powerful Management Solution for smooth run of your limo industry. For best management of your industry superior software assist you to supervise your fleet as well as employees. Ground Alliance gives you flexibility to work at any hour of the day additionally store, maintain and updated data swiftly.

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