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February 15, 2017

Limo Software The Ultimate Framework to Boost your Employee Productivity !

by admin

With the growing competition in the transportation sector, it is hard to find potential drivers for your business. Also, the management structure of your business highly influences your employees' performance. It is also not possible for you to manage or interact with all of your driver's daily. However, this issue can easily be resolved with an advanced limousine software where the driver app will help your employees to work more vigorously.

Some of the features the driver app includes:

1. Easy Job Allocation: With the limo driver app there will be no pilling up of duty. The driver will be allocated the job according to the demand of booking in the particular geographic area. Though the driver has the complete authority to cancel the request if he found it unnecessary.

2. Well Organized Listing: The well-organized list of the job allocated to the driver and the booking history will be there so that the driver can work accordingly.

3. In-built Google Map to Help in Direction: To help the drivers to allocate the place from where the order has been placed, there is an inbuilt Google map, so that they can reach the place in time.

4. Effortless Communication: This limo booking tool helps the driver to contact the passenger over phone or SMS in order to deliver efficient service.

Wrap Up: Though passengers are the all in all of the business but considering the wellbeing of your employees will help you to deliver better service to your customers.


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