Release Notes – March 2017 |
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Dear GroundAlliance User, Ground Alliance has improved by adding new features, making some minor improvements and fixing the previous bugs in the month of March. For additional details, please see below.
New Features
  • 1 ) Reservation:
    • All upcoming jobs notification for an account will display on the confirmation page if the similar account creates a new reservation before the upcoming job start.
    • A warning message appears on the reservation page before saving a reservation, if an account creates a duplicate reservation containing the same pickup date and time that are already available in the dispatch section.
    • The spot time is a designated time of a chauffeur to report the assigned location of a trip and spot time of a trip will auto-populate to 15 minutes before the pickup time.
    • A reservationist has an option to get any update related to a concerned job via selecting any option from reservation resource. These options are; email, phone, website, SMS, fax or personal.
    • All the additional stops of a trip will be displayed as yellow icons on the map.
  • 2 ) Setting:
    • The time gap (in minutes) displayed on the time drop-down list will be set up from the time interval field in “My Preferences” section.
  • 3 ) Dispatch:
    • Now Filter all the done settled jobs by selecting the settled jobs in dispatch grid.
    • A notification having the accept or reject options for a re-request of bail-out job will appear in the dispatch section similar to the no-show jobs. Once bail-out jobs have been accepted by the dispatcher, he will assign these jobs to new chauffeur of the company. This feature works only via selecting an option to notify the dispatcher for the re-request option of bailed out in the settings.
    • Now view all the hide done and hide canceled jobs together using filtration.
  • 4 ) Billing:
    • The details displayed in billing section will sort according in ascending or descending order.
    • An invoice will be displayed in the invoice section if all the reservations are made from the invoice.
    • Easy to search job for any selected chauffeur via date filtrations in Pay chauffeur.
    • A non-authorised or restricted employee of the company would be able to access the portal using OTP that is generated via an admin of the company.
  • 5 ) Account:
    • A company can make the “Client reference/PO#” field mandatory for all the company’s account according to its needs.
    • Any changes made in the company rates will auto update the rate of all accounts attached to that company.
  • 6 ) Member Area:
    • A multi-destination feature has been added on the reservation page where a passenger can create multiple locations as a destination in a single trip instead of creating multiple single trips. Once a reservation is created, it will appear in the dispatch with different booking numbers.
    • If both pickup and drop-off dates of a trip are different, the trip details will be displayed in both dates on the portal.

      • 1 )Dispatch:
        • A dispatcher can view the drop-off time of customer for any trip from the “DO Time” field in dispatch grid.
        • The airline code and flight number details for any trip (whether a pickup or drop off location) will place together in the settle screen.
        • The print of confirmation emails for any trip appears similar to the screen before print.
        • The size of the Send SMS window is increased so that there is no scrolling appear.
        • Removed the scrolling feature from the send SMS box via increasing the box size.
        • The alias/company name of any trip will be highlighted with different color on the settlement screen.
        • The company rate template (whom an account belongs to) that are applied to reservation will appear on the settle rate information of same reservation.
      • 2 ) Billing:
        • The “Delete” field in the invoice section has been renamed to “Remove” field.
        • Ability to send bulk emails of an invoice at one time. Multiple email addresses are added in “cc” field separated each email with a comma. There is no option to add bulk email addresses in “To” field.
        • The authorization code will be listed in the “Payment Method” column of paid invoice if the payment is done via credit card.
        • Ability to itemized multiple individual trips of a passenger at once. The invoice number of each trip remains different. There is also a possibility to make payment, send an email and print the invoice of a single trip.
        • In invoice listing, The total amount and number of trips will display above the invoice listing.
      • 3 ) Settings:
        • Font of any email template has been made smaller in size so that it will display on a single page.
      • 4 ) Reservation:
        • All the trip details will auto-populates while copying a trip. There is only need to add the number of reservation copies require for that particular trip after the selection of same day option.
        • All fields will auto-populate while copying a trip. There is a possibility to add multiple copies of a trip for the same day.
      • 5) Report:
        • Now, the chauffeur payroll report of any chauffeur will display in more descriptive way as it includes gratuity, parking fee, airport fee, and more.
        • In the reservation summary report, You can view the total trip and total amount of these trips for the selected interval.
        • The total amount of trips will be displayed in the paid invoices.
        • Ability to view sales revenue report on the basis of single or multiple payment methods at one time.
      • 6 ) Reminder: There is a new option to add time for any reminder.
      • 7 ) Quick Reservation:
        • For ride later jobs, The quote option will appear only if there will be no price mentioned for any car displayed in “Car Selection” page of the reservation form.
      • 8 ) Member Area:
        • The distance display in the “Vehicle Selection” section of member area reservation form on the basis of settings made in “Settings->My Preferences->Preferred Distance calculation field” of LoginLA Portal.
      • 9 ) Mobile Application:
        • The touchdown time of a trip will be highlighted with a different color in the chauffeur application.
      • 10 ) The amount of any trip will display in decimal format everywhere in the portal, member area, and mobile applications.
      • 11 ) Any notes from the chauffeur will be highlighted with different colors.
      • 12 ) The complete address details of POI will display in all section of LoginLA portal
      • 13 ) The first letter of customer name (first and last) will be capitalized in the chauffeur trip sheet email template.
      • 14 ) The discount amount of any trip will display as a red font with negative (-) sign in each email template.

    Bug Fixed:
      • 1 ) Reservation:
        • Resolved the issue of duplicate POI addresses appear on the drop-down list of stored POI.
        • Now, the zone details will auto-populate after the selection of POI address field from the list.
        • Resolved the issue of car selection that appears while copying a trip.
        • Fixed the details appear on the stops that are breaking in confirmation Page.
        • Removed dispatch notes appearing in the chauffeur trip sheet.
        2 ) Account:
        • The company and account name fields in “Create an account” section are interchanged. Now the company name will display before the account name.
        3 ) Report:
        • The sales revenue report will generate accurately for all the jobs that occur under alias company.
        • The payment status for unpaid jobs in sales revenue report will be displayed as unpaid.
        4 ) Settings:
        • The sales revenue report will generate accurately for all the jobs that occur under alias company.
        • The payment status for unpaid jobs in sales revenue report will be displayed as unpaid.
        5 ) Mobile Application:
        • Resolved the issue of rates in the passenger application. Now, Rates are applied properly on the basis of selected service type.
        • The USAePay account will deduct the accurate amount (i.e. Decimal amount) instead of round-off amount.
        • Resolved the issue of am/pm that appear as military time.

        6 ) Resolved the issue of booking# that appears twice upon a quick search from the portal.

        Thank You, Ground Alliance Team