Release Notes – September 2017 |
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Dear GroundAlliance User,

Ground Alliance has improved by adding new features, making some minor improvements and fixing the previous bugs in the month of September. For additional details, please see below.
New Features
  • 1 ) Account:

    • There should be at least 1 card attached to the credit card account and deleting the last card should not be an option.
  • 2 ) Reservation:
    • If there are any additional passengers in a reservation it should keep additional passenger box open on the left side so that they know about it.
    • One-page reservation – Now It should show if the account is Booking, Passenger or Booker (Reservation)
    • On Global searching Account#, Company, Passenger First Name, Passenger Last Name, Passenger Email, Passenger Phone no. various fields issues fixed.
  • 3 ) Settlement:

    • Now settlement page will show Chauffeur Price, Affiliate Price, and Profit loss information.
  • 4 ) Member Area:
    • When we click on step 2 on members area – A new text added: “Please finish step 1 first”.
    • Child Seat Count “+” replaced with “Add” option.
    • There should be an option to upload itinerary on members area in step 1.
    • On payment information > If it is set to Direct Bill > when New Card is selected > A Person can save payment information to a Direct bill.
    • On payment information > Chauffeur detail pop-up design changed on the trip history page.
    • On payment information > Hide archived reservation in trip history.
    • On payment information > Client Reference field added to reservation details page.
    • On payment information > Now portal will accept hourly rates.
    • On payment information > All the portal Pop up designs are redesigned.
  • 5 ) Reports:

    • Export Account || New format type: Created a new format type and a report should be exported in the semicolon and not with a comma.
  • 6 ) Billing:

    • There should be an option to send 1 single payment receipt if payment was accepted for bundle invoice through apply payments.

      • 1 )Reservation:
        • One page reservation> confirmation> Push Pin Color and UI are similar now.
        • Tracking Url map zoom level is available.
      • 2 ) Invoice:

        • Redesigned Invoice Payment Receipt – Professional format will speeds up the process of turning invoices into cash and keeps business finances in order.

      Bug Fixed:

        • 1 ) Email Templates:

          • Affiliate trip sheet grand total issue fixed.

          2 ) Reservation:

          • Network FarmIN company case: When opening a job, the one page now displays Affiliate Company name in the drop-down menu.
          • One-page reservation- If a user is at edit reservation page and now update some fields and now if session break and on the same page click on save button, infinite loader issue resolved.
          • FBO on the reservation (Copy Trip): By default, there is a tail number saved, this should be blank by default now.
          • Round Trip issue with flight ETA which shows incorrect ETA is fixed.
          • One page reservation- The log is capturing right time in the correct format.
          3 ) Member Area:

          • No Custom Message displays now in the case when a job is approved.
          • Able to search manual affiliate company when corporate radio button is selected.
          • Paid job: email popup, when select payment receipt, displays “Booking Confirmation Email:”
          • Blue sidebar – “Ride Details” information issues fixed, Vehicle type missing, the Wrong font on confirmation.
          • Booking Contact issue fixed when a job is created from online and open on the portal.
          • Booked by issue resolved while creating a reservation from member area and open the portal.
          4 ) Billing:
          • Booking: Reservation number sorting fixed.
          5 ) Account:
          • Account Search related issue fixed.
          • Company creation issue fixed.
          • On selecting an option of sales agent text issue resolved.
          • Inactive Alias should not display for account drop down.
          • Dates of future should display in Flight touch down date picker calendar.
          • Name field now allows entering numeric value and possible to update account
          • Dashboard: Trip history sorting issue fixed.
          • Booker blank page issue resolved.
        5 ) Settings:
        • My Preference loading time reduced for better user experience.
      6 ) Dispatch:
      • Dispatch listing is now showing according to defined pagination.
    7 ) Mobile App:
    • Ride Now from member or mobile -Automatic card charge issue fixed.
8 ) Invoice:
  • Export invoice date format issue resolved.
  • Included hidden invoices boxes missing under Paid Invoices.
9 ) Chauffeur Payroll:
  • Pay period filters are fixed.
10 ) Quick Dispatch:
  • Displaying of the inactive driver of the company issue fixed.
11 ) Settlement:
  • Settle displayed message fixed when payment method is in cash.

Thank You, Ground Alliance Team