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Revolutionized & Powerful Ground Alliance Software!

Ground Alliance, a cloud-based technology platform for the chauffeured ground transportation industry created by the merger of Ground Widgets and Limo Alliance. Ground Alliance is relentlessly focused on driving innovation, real-time connectivity, and intuitive user experiences to create cloud/mobile apps that empower an operator to manage their business from anywhere on any device. The Ground Alliance real-time network offers unparalleled connectivity for operators to be part of a Global Ecosystem for near demand and ride later booking integrated with corporate booking tools and travel agencies. Ground Alliance is committed to solving your business priorities and helping you increase productivity and profits. Over the past year, we added hundreds of new features and several new products based on industry changes and input from our customers.
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    The new breed of limo software

    The new breed of software that Ground Alliance provides will help you to take your limo business to the very pinnacle of your niche marketplace.
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    Enjoy ultra back-office efficiency

    By using our industry leading limousine applications, you can create a “back office”environment that is always on top of any given situation.
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    Giving you total control

    Ground Alliance’s state-of-the-art software programs and applications will give any limo company total control over their business.
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    Utilizing cloud technology

    Ground Alliance uses cloud-based technologies that allow employees and clients alike to access the information that they need, when and where they need it.