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Privacy policy

Ground Alliance Privacy policy

We take the protection of your private (so-called “personal”) data seriously and care for your privacy during processing in accordance with the applicable data-protection regulations.

We are bound with our work ethics to provide you most powerful and secure online experience. You can surf most part of our site without providing any personal information about yourself. But occasionally we do require information to endow services that you apply for, and this avowal of privacy clarifies data collection and use in those situations.

Assembling your Personal Information
We could request you to provide personal information when we need information that personally identifies you or allows us to make contact with you. Usually, this information is asked when you wish to register for e-mail newsletters, joining a limited-access premium page, or when purchasing and registering our software products. Personal information you provide to often is restricted to your location and e-mail address. Yet we may request for additional information if required to present a service you requested. This additional information may include name, address, contact details, credit card number and shipping information.

Implementation of your Personal Information
Primary purpose to request your personal information are as follows:
To formulate the site access trouble-free for you. To ensure that you are not repeatedly asked to enter your personal information more than once. Your personal information helps us to produce and convey most relevant content to you. To keep you updated with special offers, product advancement, rationalized information and other latest services.

Web Site Usage Information
While you visit our services we routinely collect your IP addresses and Web site usage. This particular information facilitates us to evaluate behavioral aspect of visitors as well as subscribers to each Web page, and the length of their visits.

How we manage your Personal Information
we keep your personal information confidential. Once you share your personal data with, we are determined not share it with third parties without your agreement. You may receive periodic e-mails containing information concerning technical service issues of a particular product or service you have requested.

Privacy Measures for Children completely aware with the fact that sites are visited by client’s children. We encourage guardians and children to spend time online together.

At diverse places on, we may require information whether user is under the age of 18, or 13, for instance while requesting personal information from users, or we may inquire for parental approval.

We Follow Strict Safety Measures rigorously protects your personal information and provides you liberty to opt for its (personal information) intended use. We cautiously guard your data from loss, mistreatment, alteration, unofficial access or disclosure or destruction. By no means personal information is made public outside the company at any cost without your permission. Even inside the company, your personal data is saved in password-controlled servers with extremely limited access.

Message Boards and Chat

Kindly consider that information you share on message boards and chat box is accessible to public. Be careful while posting information. Consumer under the age of 18 should be extra cautious while using chat rooms or message boards and must not share any personal identifying information. As set forth in “Usage Agreement” users must follow acceptable standards of behavior when posting messages online.

Changes to this Statement may perhaps intermittently update this privacy policy statement.

Privacy Policy for Mobile App Permission


By accepting our camera privacy policy you give us permission to access camera so that you can update your profile pic in the app anytime you want to.You trust us with your information and allow us to use it to help you access our services to the fullest.

Get Account

By accepting to this policy, you are giving us freedom to access your account details. Under no circumstances, we are liable for any misrepresentation made by a user regarding his account details. You give us controls to manage your information and protect your privacy and security. We may use your email address to inform you about our services, such as letting you know about upcoming changes or improvements.

Accessing Contacts

For better communication between clients, we want to access your contacts and with one click you can contact whomsoever you contact within the app.We can send and receive messages regarding a particular service either from you or from a third party.