December Release Notes 2018 - Ground Alliance
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Ground Alliance has improved by adding new features, making some minor improvements and fixing the previous bugs in the month of February. For additional details, please see below.
New Features
  • 1) Payment section:
    • Credit cards search based on last 4 digits and card holder name
    • Integrated Conekta payment gateway
  • 2) Invoices and Billing sections:
    • Employees will now also be able to Import/Export Invoices based on the permissions from security section. Admin can enable it under Employee > Security
  • 3) Report:
    • Credit card declined report added
    • Customer based reservation manifest is added
    • Sales revenue report – Option to pull a report with only affiliate rate is added
  • 4) Dispatch and Settle sections:
    • Dispatch notes are now displayed on Settle screen as well
    • Resolved notes of an Incident are now added under report an incident and event logs
    • Service hours field added on Dispatch screen grid
    • Row(s) on dispatch screen stays highlighted when clicked on it
  • 5) Member area:
    • FBO functionality has been implemented on Member Area. FBO can be added and the stored FBO’s can be used for pickup and drop-off addresses.
  • 6) Reservation section:
    • Added an alert (a popup message) when the time difference between the pickup and flight verification time is more than 3 hours. It will help customers to double check the timings if entered incorrect by mistake

    • 1) Billing section:
      • Updated Payment receipt email template with company details in it
    • 2) Reservation section:
      • Sales agent is added to copy trips as well now
    • 3) Farm-out section:
      • Chauffeur notes are now added on the link sent to manual affiliates
    • 4) Report:
      • Trip payment history now includes pickup date and passenger name
    • 5) Member area section:
      • Service hours in reservation is now getting updated.
      • Please wait loading issue is fixed
    • 6) Quick reservation section:
      • Now you can drag and drop stops to change the order of it
    • 7) Accounts section:
      • User not able to uncheck fields in “Alerts and Text Messages Alerts” is now fixed
    • 8) New pricing section:
      • Rates for countries like Netherlands, Luxemburg, etc. are working now
    • 9) Employee section:
      • Restriction and Security has been implemented to access the one-page reservation as per the access provided
    • 10) Invoices:
      • VAT option is added in the Itemized Invoice to show separately
    • 11) Bidding jobs:
      • In case chauffeur bailout from bid job after accepting, rate is removed from settle screen and dispatch screen now

Thank you

Ground Alliance Team