Ground Alliance: Enhance Workflow with Drag-and-Drop Customization
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September 26, 2023

Ground Alliance: Enhance Workflow with Drag-and-Drop Customization

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In the fast-paced world of transportation and logistics, efficiency is key. Whether you're managing a fleet of chauffeurs or dispatching orders, having the right tools can make all the difference. Ground Alliance, a leading software solution in the ground transportation industry, understands the importance of customization and convenience. With their user-friendly drag-and-drop feature, they put the power in your hands to tailor your booking and dispatch settings to perfection, ensuring both dispatchers and chauffeurs have the tools they need to excel. In this article, we'll explore how this feature works and provide some real-life examples of how it can transform your transportation management.

Dispatch Priority: Optimizing Efficiency

Dispatchers often face the challenge of managing multiple orders and ensuring that the most critical ones are handled promptly. With Ground Alliance's drag-and-drop feature, setting dispatch priorities has never been easier. Imagine you have three orders: Order A, Order B, and Order C. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to prioritize Order C by simply moving it to the top of the dispatch list. This ensures that it gets immediate attention, helping you meet your customers' demands efficiently.

Status Updates: Tailoring Workflow

Every transportation company has its unique workflow and order processing stages. Ground Alliance understands this diversity and allows you to rearrange order statuses according to your specific requirements. Let's say you have different order statuses like "Pending," "In Progress," and "Completed." You can rearrange these statuses to match your workflow precisely. For instance, moving "Completed" to the top ensures quick visibility when jobs are finished, keeping your team well-informed and organized.

Display Fields: Prioritizing Information

The ability to display the most relevant information is vital for effective decision-making. Ground Alliance lets you customize the order grid with essential details like order ID, pickup location, and customer information. If you prioritize customer details, you can easily move the "Customer Name" field to be the first column. This simple customization makes it easier to identify orders by customer name, enhancing your overall workflow efficiency.

Booking Rates: Precision in Pricing

Precise pricing is crucial in the transportation industry, and Ground Alliance understands this well. You can tailor the booking interface to capture specific pricing details for each reservation. This includes fields for the type of service, fare, and taxes. For instance, you can personalize the booking form to include fields for service charges, fares, and taxes, allowing for accurate rate calculations. This level of detail ensures that you bill your customers accurately and transparently.

To explore the full potential of Ground Alliance's customization features and witness the difference it can make in your transportation management, we invite you to "Read More" about our software capabilities. Ready to see it in action? "Book a Demo" today and experience firsthand how Ground Alliance can revolutionize your transportation business. Say goodbye to the hassles of rigid systems and embrace a solution designed to adapt to your business needs. Your transportation management just got easier!

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