Release Notes January 2017 - Ground Alliance
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During the Month of January, Ground Alliance has enhanced by adding new features, several minor improvements and important bug fixes.

For additional details, please see below.

New Features
  • 1 ) Conversation:
    • Mass message to the list chauffeurs, passengers manual affiliate, manual affiliate chauffeurs and employees can be sent now.
    • A notification appears on the conversation icon as soon as a new message is received.
    • Add nickname of the contact person.
  • 2 ) On-demand:
    Passenger company can only edit or rename the rate but can not add a new rate of their own. Driver’s company has the ability to add, edit and rename the rates till this reservation is in unpaid status from passenger company.
  • 3 ) Bid Module:
    This bid module enables a reservation list to bid ride later jobs to a list selected drivers. The bid amount keeps increasing every day as per the reservation list until a driver accepts this job and it gets added to the chauffeurs payroll of the one who has accepted this bid reservation.
  • 4 ) Account:
    • Set up the rate template according to priorities applied for a specific account.
    • Set up specific sales agent and fix their commission rates for an account.
    • Changes made in an account will display in the account log option.
  • 5 ) Dispatch:
    • A dispatcher can view the estimated time of a job from the Pickup ETA grid and tracking URL.
    • A dispatcher can update the status of multiple reservations in one go by clicking on the check box provided the against each reservation.
  • 6 ) Global Affiliates:
    Company admin can Set up farm-in and farm-out percentage rate for On-Demand jobs.
  • 7 ) Settlement:
    Changes in the rates are logged and is displayed under view log.
  • 8 ) A notification appears on the reservation screen if two or more employees have opened the same booking number.
  • 9 ) Multiple chauffeurs can be attached to a reservation and reports can be pulled likewise.

  • 1 ) Quick Reservation:
    • Added delete icon in the pickup and drop off location to clears the search details.
  • 2 ) Reservation:
    • Zone rates for POI, Seaport, and FBO.
    • A red box appears on all mandatory fields that are not filled while saving a reservation.
    • In round trip, flight number of a job will appear blank.
    • Added account company name on the confirmation page.
  • 3 ) Dispatch:
    • Displaying the touchdown time of airport jobs at the hover of PU time grid.
    • The time format of the stops will display according to company setting under my preferences.
    • Track the log details of Farm in and Farm out for ride later jobs in Settlement Section.
  • 4 ) Billing:
    • Able to refund full payment of any invoice.
    • Stay on the same screen when sending individual invoice.
  • 5 ) Each manual affiliate creates in account section are synchronized with the setting section. You can edit the manual affiliate details from the setting section.
  • 6 ) Changes made in tracking URL (display the exact path that chauffeur follows at the time of ride instead of the shortest path also car status updated automatically along with the real-time driver location when hovering on the car(icon) in the portal).
  • 7 ) A partial refund of reservations for gateway Payhawk, Stripe, USAePay is feasible.
  • 8 ) For On-Demand jobs, the booking number of the reservation will be changed for both “eFarm out” and “eFarm in” companies’.
  • 9 ) The programming language (PHP) and web server (Apache) of the software have been updated to latest versions i.e. PHP 7.0.1 and Apache-2.4.18.

Bug Fixed
  • 1 ) Fixed Issue of Quick Dispatch:
    • Display pickup location on google map if Route will not define by google and also display the message for same within a form, pick up, drop-off fields should be empty if the user removes pre-filled value from these fields and more.
    • ETA for the car arrival when a user fills the pickup details.
    • Vehicle slider changed now.
    • Clear button on pickup, drop-off fields for both point to point and hourly.
  • 2 ) Fixed Issue of Billing:
    • In Payment, getting invalid error messages on trying to void the authorized transaction has been resolved.
    • A blank screen issue at the paid invoices has been resolved.

Thank You,
Ground Alliance Team