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Ground Alliance has been set up with the express goal of helping and supporting limo hire businesses to grow and to become more profitable. We provide a unique and innovative range of management software packages that will revolutionise anyone running a limo hire (sometimes referred to as livery services) business.
March 20, 2017
by Admin
Limousine Software

How Technology Aiding The Modern Limo Business

With the fast-moving world, I want to discuss a few advantages of shifting to modern software in the limo business, which is trying to maintain its efficiency and effectiveness. Every other day a new technology is launched making the previous one obsolete. Nowadays, everyone prefers handy, time-saving, less complex gadgets and applications in every field. The innovations and revolutions occurring in the world are making people crazy. Firstly, the transportation industry is also upgrading

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March 3, 2017
by Admin
Dispatch Software

Premier Transportation Dispatch Software To Enhance Client’s Experience

Premier Transportation Dispatch Software To Enhance Customer’s Experience With the growing competition in the limo service business. Give your company the extra push to make it stand out from the crowd. With the help of the latest limo management and dispatch software. Customers are the all in all of the business and their suitability should be of paramount importance. To make your customers more comfortable with upgrades, make sure to educate

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February 15, 2017
by Admin
Dispatching Software

Limo Software The Ultimate Framework to Boost your Employee Productivity !

With the growing competition in the transportation sector, it is hard to find potential drivers for your business. Also, the management structure of your business highly influences your employees’ performance. It is also not possible for you to manage or interact with all of your drivers daily. However, this issue can easily be resolved with advanced limo software where the driver app will help your employees to work more vigorously.

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January 31, 2017
by Admin
Limo Software

Why Your Transportation Business Must Have A Limo Software?

Modern life and its busyness have successfully proved the fact that people need transportation at any cost, which is why the limo business is right now among the booming ones. However, demand and success do not come hand-in-hand. So partnering with Groundwidget, We invented innovative limo software for the limo industry. To succeed means to grab the market, and to meet the entire demand efficiently. All the limo businesses are trying

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December 23, 2016
by Admin
Limo Management Software

3 Incredibly Useful Limo Management Software Features for Livery Business Growth

Want To Have A More Appealing Limo Management Software Features? Read This! Most Useful Features that Every Livery Business Owner Should Have in Their Software Every limo service provider is trying numerous strategies in the hope to see improvement in business. The most recent improvement is mobile technology and it has immensely affected the transportation industry too. It is really important to evaluate, how limo Operating Systems can produce more

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