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January 7, 2016

Ground Alliance Limo Management Software, it’s A win-win Solution for Everyone!

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The word travel has been derived from the phrase travail, which signifies painstaking effort. If you ask a business traveler's opinion on this fact surely in response, you will get an indulgent nod. A traveler encounters diverse challenges on the road, but the most unpleasant part is the hassles that seize time as well as energy. There are so many uncertainties while operating a limo business, but a higher level of an ache than experienced by limo operators while rescheduling dates for travelers. It is not possible to put off all traveling problems, but comprehensible limo management software can do away with most of the common problems that come with rescheduling travel dates.

Limo Management Software, A win-win Solution for All Limo Businesses!

Ground Alliance's limo management software aims to make travelers' and travel operator's life more comfortable. This up-to-date travel management system has simplified the process of reservation and widened its reach (anywhere/anytime access). It has features that maintain online booking tremendously and provide reservation options at your fingertips. A trouble-free booking procedure reduces stress and lets you focus on the significant aspects of the journey.

There is no room to input errors into the system. Drag & drop technology offers the transfer of any information without miss-transcribing it. The expense management put forward appropriate and accurate reporting. Cloud computing keeps the travel operator's data safe & secure. The facility to track vehicles ensures travelers' well-being & keeps travel managers' businesses protected from any misuse. As a voyager, you can track your ride and rate the chauffeur on behalf of the ride experience. Transport executives can track their fleet in real-time by sitting in any corner of the world.

It`s a fundamental policy of a superior limo operating system to make travel arrangements easier. Travelers and travel operators can effortlessly opt for preferred service providers who are ready to negotiate their rates. An advanced feature named Accounting & Reporting improves the record-keeping modes. Travel operators can generate accounts and create reports at the same time passengers easily receive bill receipts.

More Control Over Limo Operations

Travel plans are unpredictable and last-minute changes can have a bad impact on your business. Ground Alliance allows an easy modification process for reservations, and rescheduling in case postponed meeting, a canceled flight, or a newfangled opportunity. We made rescheduling so swift that limo operators rearranged traveler trips without any hitch. Ground Alliance consents clients to track the flight and customize ground transportation selections based on priority.

Limo operating software is a win-win solution for everyone. The advanced fleet management software assists travelers as well as limo businesses to make their experience absolute with Ground Alliance.


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