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Ground Alliance has been set up with the express goal of helping and supporting limo hire businesses to grow and to become more profitable. We provide a unique and innovative range of management software packages that will revolutionise anyone running a limo hire (sometimes referred to as livery services) business.
October 6, 2015
by Admin
reporting tool


Ground Alliance gives freedom to limo operators to create accounts under the “ACCOUNT SECTION” tab. Limo operators can also create accounts from the reservations section. It does not require an account needs to associate with a company but is treated as an individual account. With the help of our accounting and reporting tool, limo operators can manage and monitor their expenses and progress reports. Learn  Ground Alliance “ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING TOOLS” Through our limo operating system, the admin

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October 5, 2015
by Admin
Ground Transportation Software

Ground Alliance Presents “Ultra Back-Office Efficient” Ground Transportation Software

Ground Alliance has specifically customized the ultimate features to revolutionize the daily operations of any ground transportation corporation. This ground transportation software is a start-to-finish solution for limo operators to manage each segment of their business like online reservations, immediate confirmations, trip changes, cancellations, notifications additionally sharing flawless reservation information. This software puts forward secure management of bookings, trouble-free and efficient allocation of vehicles and chauffeurs, client confirmations, and detailed

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September 24, 2015
by Admin
On-Demand Global Affiliates Network

Become Part of The World’s First and Only On-Demand Global Affiliates Network with Ground Alliance!

Revolutionize the limo industry With On-Demand Global Affiliates Our new product will revolutionize the limo industry. Ground Alliance offers superior features that keep you ahead of any other competitor in the ground transportation industry. We hope that you’re ready and excited to never lose a job again. All thanks to our essential On-Demand Global Affiliates Network and pre-booked reservation system. Our limo software will not only make your transportation business more efficient and productive

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September 16, 2015
by Admin
Limo operating system

Efficient Limo Operating System Gives Drive to Your Company

Take Your Company One Step Ahead with Limo Operating System Luxury vehicles, certified chauffeurs, and reliable limo operating systems are the most important component of any successful ground transportation corporation. There is no room for error in the Chauffeured car industry. With the advancement of technology, limo operators can enjoy superior storage devices that reduce the possibility of making errors and increase revenue with minimum manpower. Nowadays, even nominal ground transportation companies wish

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September 10, 2015
by Admin
Fleet Management Software

Ground Alliance keeps Your Fleet Management Software in the Cloud

Ground Alliance has strap up the power of the World Wide Web and up-to-the-minute innovation in cloud computing. Even the startup livery business can manage from anywhere and on multiple devices. We trust in pacing up our services with the expansion of technology so that our clients can grow rapidly in the ground transportation industry. Our cloud-based fleet management software will provide services as well as resources according to the demand of

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