Things to Know Before Buying Limo Software 2022
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August 16, 2022

Things to Know Before Buying Limo Booking Software 2022

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What is Limo software?

Limo Software is a program that is programmed to carry out all the booking and dispatching related tasks in a few mins by minimizing human errors.  Limo software can perform many tasks that can take a long time if they have been done manually. For example, book a ride, SMS Alerts, Geo-fencing for tracking and navigation, Payment Management Module, etc. With one software you can do many tasks in a few seconds, this could slash down your workload by 80 percent with no human errors.

Is the Limo App Other Than the Software?

Limousine booking and dispatching tools can be said to be either limo apps or limousine software. Software that is made to perform the complete booking and dispatching process via desktop has different sets of coding as compared to mobile apps. Apps can also have different coding sets for both Android and IOS phones. As per our expertise, we are offering our software for desktop browsers and mobile apps for both Android and iOS phones.

What is the Use of Limo Booking Software?

Limo booking software is not only used for booking rides but also performs certain tasks that are majorly important for business continuity. For example: -

  • Cloud Storage

    This allows the user not to lose important data of their respective clients for future bookings and reservations. In the case of desktop malfunction, Users can excess the same data from different devices from anywhere and anytime, without any additional setup.

  • Real-Time Global Connectivity

    Limo Software allows its users to get connected with global transportation networks, so they can assign jobs to other transportation providers in case the users do not have an area of service. This is a great platform to get or assign some extra work from/to affiliates.

  • Telephony Integration

    With this, the user can call both passenger and chauffeur in a single click, and also conference bridges the two calls. For better and safer communication, this feature is very convenient.

  • Visual Dispatch

    This feature is a powerful way to assign s to available chauffeurs via the drag-and-drop option.

  • Account and Reporting Tool

    With this feature users can operate and manage their daily accounting processes in a few clicks, this will enable them to monitor and analyze your limo business's finances. With Ground Alliance, View and generate detailed reports on reservations, employees, office, billing, and more in a few tabs. Say no to human errors and experience fast and secure booking software that will lead your business ahead of your competitors.

How Do You Use Limo Software Anywhere?

Limo software is made to revolutionize the limo industry by encrypting your data and making it secure for future transactions at cloud storage. Cloud technology is a fast and secure way to excess your existing data from anywhere and anytime. No need to carry, stationaries or heavy desktops from one place to another. With limo software, users can manage their business from anywhere, anytime without worrying about data and information. For desktops and tablets, Ground Alliance's program is suitable for all your chauffeur business needs. Mobile users download Android and IOS apps.

How Faster is Limo Software Compared to the Old Method of Booking?

In the old days, people used to write down booking details via calls. The physical documents had to get signed by the client before the final booking confirmation. From having details to the final booking, there are many layers of the process that were important to follow. Secondly, keeping records for a long time is also not possible due to space issues in the office. Limo software cuts down all these many layers of the procedure into a few simple clicks. By using Limo software, limo operators can offer limo apps to their clients. From the app, clients can easily book their rides from anywhere and anytime. All the paper processes and documentation will available in E-form. Clients simply have to agree by clicking on confirm button, and the booking has been done. For credit card details, an E-signature is also an option to receive payment online.
By making all these processes online, Limo software saved hours that could go waste by doing things manually. From the above article, firstly we are confident most will understand limo software. Secondly, how it can benefit your company in the competitive world.

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